Logo and Strategy

The NFHC Logo

National Fire Heritage Center logoThe Logo represents a mark of recognition for those devoted to the important work of the National Fire Heritage Center, Inc., a Maryland Corporation granted U.S. Internal Revenue Service 501c3 non-profit organizational status in 2007 as an American institution dedicated to preservation of the perishable specific to Fire and encompassing all who are committed to its purposes. The image acknowledges the value of collecting, resorting, preserving and insuring access to the historical written word of both America΄s Fire services and Fire protection disciplines.

The Color Blue represents the sky and unlimited opportunities which the written word represents plus its importance with regard to yesterday, today and tomorrow to those in all fields of fire protection, preparedness and response and the criticality of archival preservation to these endeavors.

The Color Red represents the life blood of the human being, the gift of our creator and the untold millions of our nation΄s men and women who have given so much that others might be spared the ravages of Fire.

The Color Gold represents the authority of all things too important to be lost, forgotten and/or not available to be shared when it needed most.

The Columns represent education and training inclusive of the strengths of commitment, service and passion of both academic and practical realities of an ever-changing and imperfect world.

The Maltese Cross represents the traditional centuries-old symbol and symbolism associated with those who dedicate themselves to saving of lives and property from destructive Fire.

The Sprinkler Head represents the evolution of technology along with principles of education, engineering and enforcement (the 3 E΄s) used to prevent Fire, control unwanted Fire, or preserve from the effects of destructive Fire. The foundations of success of all 3 principles and activities evolve long-before a Fire event is reported to Fire suppression forces.

The Helmet and Axes represent the operational response portion of the Fire protection universe such including those who have served, are now serving and will in the future serve in our nation΄s Fire departments, Fire brigades and Fire companies in both the public and private sectors.

The Quill Pens represent recorded history and the critical importance of initiatives aimed at insuring access to the written word from the American experience with Fire and its impact.

The Ink Bottle represents the power of documenting the knowledge of mankind specific to Fire safety, Fire prevention, Fire protection and Fire suppression toward the goal of saving of lives and property.

The NFHC Strategy

A Strategic Plan reflects the dynamic processes of planning and developing how an organization achieves its vision and its mission. The purpose of this plan, which focuses on the National Fire Heritage Center, is to document a shared, committed, and continuous approach to achieving the mission of preserving the perishable past of all aspects of the fire service and allied professional professions in the United States.

This Strategic Plan serves as a single source for collecting the results from a wide variety of planning and administrative processes and reflects input from numerous parties. The Strategic Plan is intended to provide a clear and concise overview of what the organization is attempting to achieve in terms of its goals and objectives, its strategic initiatives and the action plans that it wishes to implement. It can also be used to assess how successful the organization is in completing these activities.

There are many recognized and influential people both in the fire service and in the fire protection community that could be a tremendous asset in moving this plan forward at a faster pace than is possible with the current personnel. This plan was reviewed by the current Board of Directors, on October 8, 2007, with specific tasks assigned to officers and board members.

The final draft was distributed for comments in the 4th quarter of calendar year 2007 and later revised.

Click Final Draft to read a copy of the latest Strategic Plan.

The Strategic Plan is a living document. Updates and drafts to the original include:
2015 NFHC Communication Plan (Draft)