Highlights from the annual Board of Directors meeting

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Highlights from the annual Board of Directors meeting

Submitted by: Ronny J. Coleman

The National Fire Heritage Center Board of Directors recently met in Emmitsburg on Friday, Oct. 7, 2016.  The Board Meeting was well attended and several action items were discussed that may be of interest to our committees and membership.

One of the more important actions was to elect officers and appoint directors.  Officers for the coming year are Ron Coleman, President; Willie Shelton, Vice President-Operations; Bill Killen, Vice President-Finance; Stuart Nathan, Secretary; and Paul Brooks, Treasurer.

New directors appointed for a three-year tenure are Steve Austin, Fred Brower and Ty Dickerson.  

Work has begun on establishing an Amazon Smile account to increase our revenue.  This is especially important in view of the fact that our income this year barely exceeded our expenditures.  Additional information will follow to all participants to sign up for the Smile account.  

There were three new inductees to the Hall of Legends, Legacies and Leaders.  They were James Manser, Harvey J. Eisner and Frederick R. Seibel.  

There was considerable discussion about the newsletter and website.  One action item was to improve the content of our newsletter by having more submittals.

During this year’s meeting, the NFHC was allowed to participate with the LODD families by contributing a special photograph entitled “Beyond Words.”  Copies of this were given to the majority of the LODD families present.  

The Board agreed that the NFHC Strategic Plan has been completed for the most part and needs to be renewed.  A Doodle poll will be set up for all parties to determine a date.  

After considerable discussion, the Board approved a statement that the annual Board of Directors meeting should remain in Emmitsburg and it was the consensus of the group that for the near future, the NFHC should also remain in Emmitsburg.  

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